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Should You Add a Welcome Video to Your Website?

    Make a Website Welcome Video

    Your homepage’s most important job is to establish a connection between you and possible collectors and collaborators. A  short video of you speaking directly to your audience is a very efficient and smart strategy to achieve this goal.

    According to, 69% of people prefer video over text when learning about a product or service. More importantly, up to 73% of visitors who watch a video on an eCommerce site are more likely to make a purchase. SmallBizGenius writes, “It’s easier for many people to learn important info by watching a video than by trawling through a block of text to find out about something. It saves them time, it’s more enjoyable, and it helps them learn all they need to know about the product.”

    These video statistics apply to you and your art. Since visitors to your website are likely to begin their journey by visiting your homepage, this is where you should publish a video.

    When you think about it, it makes complete sense. Which artist would you want to purchase from? An artist with a video or a simple website? If you’ve published a video on your website, you’re going to be more approachable and engaging.

    Add a Short Video to Engage Your Collectors More Effectively

    Video is a hugely popular medium since it is both interesting and easy to consume. The majority of people prefer to watch a video rather than read a long paragraph.

    When you put up a video for your collectors, you’re creating a personal connection between yourself and them. It’s easy to establish a face-to-face connection with your viewers by introducing yourself in a video and discussing your art. They want to know who the artist is. They are eager to get to know you.

    How to Create a Welcome Video for Your Website

    In the beginning, creating video content might be a little nerve-wracking. But it doesn’t have to be that way. A few sincere sentences about your artwork is all it takes.

    Making the video doesn’t need a lot of specialized equipment. Use your cell phone and a nearby window’s light to get the job done. Your video should not be over-produced, so keep that in mind when creating it. You want your potential collector to feel as though they are having a one-on-one conversation. Using high-end, slick video production might alienate your audience, making them less likely to engage with your content.

    Possible Topics for Your Welcome Video

    Deciding what to say is the most difficult part of creating the video. Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

    • When and where did you begin your career as a visual artist?
    • What type of art will people discover on your website?T
    • Explain the process for buying your artwork.
    • As an artist, what are your core values?
    • Important collections, galleries, or other websites and social media accounts where your work can be found
    • Let people know whether you accept commissions or collaborate with others.

    Tips for Making a Great Video

    When you are recording the video, be sure to look directly into the camera. This makes the viewer feel like you are looking them right in the eye, which helps build trust.

    Speak in a conversational tone. When referring to yourself, say, “I.” When referring to the viewer, say “you.”

    Make sure your video isn’t too long. If you have more to say, you can always create another video and publish it elsewhere on your website. Bonus points if you do this!

    Say the most important thing first. You have their attention at the beginning, but it quickly falls off. Many viewers will only watch for a minute or two. What’s the most critical piece of information you want them to have? Begin there.


    The primary goal of your website’s homepage is to create a connection with potential collectors and business partners. A short video is a smart way to build rapport with your audience.