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Tools That Help Art Buyers Visualize Your Art on Their Walls

One of the most difficult barriers to selling art online is showing the artwork in context. Galleries have an advantage because a collector can see what the artwork will look like in a setting. And it makes sense. Buyers want to see the artwork, but they also want to see what it looks like on a wall.

In the past, many artists showed their artwork in a digital setting through the painstaking process of superimposing their work over an image of an interior. This can be done with a photograph of a client’s space, or, for purposes of market, with a stock photo. It’s a lot of work and takes some graphic design skills, however, it is the most widely used technique to increase online sales because it presents the artwork in context.

Technology is now helping artists remove some of the cumbersome work from their task list. Although you will still need graphic design skills if your art is three dimensional or shaped irregularly, these apps can cut your computer time down significantly.

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Oh My Prints
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ArtPlacer is an extremely helpful tool when setting up an art gallery exhibit, preparing an art fair booth, curating a museum exhibition or for helping anyone who would like to visualize art in space, be it their homes, offices, or any other space imaginable.

ArtPlacer lets users:

  • Show their clients how artworks look on their homes, offices, or any other spaces.
  • Reach potential clients by exhibiting their work through the ArtPlacer App or ArtPlacer Web.
  • Prepare different art layouts, save and share them with their clients.
  • Use of “exact” mode for accurate and exact art placement (i.e. when setting up an art exhibit or an art fair booth).
  • Take advantage of ArtPlacer App’s Augmented Reality (AR) Module to view art in real time through the device’s camera.
  • Use ArtPlacer Widget to view art in place within your own website.

Pricing varies from $6 for a one-time use to a premium subscription. There is a free trial offer.


Available for iphones or Ipads, ArtSee is an app that just had a major overhaul. The app has been completely redesigned for a fresh new look and feel. The app has stock images to chose from, a gallery library, and the ability to add frames to your hangups. There is no free version and currently the app costs $9.99 in the Apple store.

Best Feature: ArtSee plans to release an augmented reality capability soon.


Photo frames reimagined. You can fully customize it. Change the shadow, lights, background, border, frame and matte colors/sizes however you want. The combination is endless. Also, add a signature to your work.

Best Feature: Although it does not show your artwork in a room, it does show your artwork framed and matted and on a wall – For Free.


Art Rooms is a well-known Apple app that allows users to superimpose their artwork in various settings. Preview your art in gorgeous Artrooms interiors, captivate your collectors to increase art sales!

Always fresh rooms and exports of the highest quality. Curating is a breeze, eliminate hours in Photoshop and ensure your art always looks amazing.

Select your room from an ongoing curated collection of trending interiors. Fresh room selections added each month. There’s even a Pantone color wall. Add your art, choose a frame and share!

There are no free rides with Art Rooms! You’ll need a subscription to get started, $7.99 a month or $59.99 a year.


This online software is free to use if you will only upload up to two artworks. The free version also lets you add two interior room photos and two options for framing. However, if you need more, you will need to pay for it

To use the free version, download the app. The app handles all the measuresments.

Best Feature: You can import the image you want to work on and perform some adjustments, such as the lighting, angle, and wall color.

Insitu Art Room, Art on Wall

An app to view artwork, posters and/or paintings in different settings. Our app gives the user an idea how the artwork looks in a bedroom, a living room, a kitchen or even at a white gallery wall. There is a very limited free version. Do check the reviews before downloading. The app is new at the time of this writing and it appears the developers are still working out some of the details.

Oh My Prints (Wall App)

Oh My Prints is a Dutch print company. However, they have a free website feature that allows you to show your art on a wall. Choose from up to ten different room, drag and drop your art onto the wall, then download the image. The resulting demo is watermarked with the WallApp logo, however, this still provides a great way to demonstrate your artwork in a setting.

Wall Picture (and Wall Picture Lite)

WallPicture is a room design app for artists and photographers looking to show their work to potential customers. With just a few swipes you can show anyone how your art will look like on different walls.

How Does It Work?
1. Take a picture of your background or choose from the 30 default interiors
2. Choose the wall art you want to design
3. Set custom dimensions and position
4. Set mat and frame (colors and dimensions)
5. Share the design easily

You can take a photo of your own interior or use one of the 30 default backgrounds included in the app. (Note that the FREE Wall Picture Lite version include 3 walls.) The interior art design options are limitless not only due to the huge diversity of ready-to-use backgrounds on kitchens, halls, living rooms, bedrooms, and more but you can even add a custom mat, frame, and even shadows for a more realistic feel.

The app is currently listing for $17.99.

Take Away

Your website and social media channels can be improved three-fold with the use of one or more of these apps. Be sure to try the free trials and limited free versions before investing to make sure that the finished photos show your work in the proper size.

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