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Tools That Help Art Buyers Visualize Your Art on Their Walls

    Art on the Wall

    One of the most difficult barriers to selling art online is showing the artwork in context. Galleries have an advantage because a collector can see what the artwork will look like in a setting. And it makes sense. Buyers want to see the artwork, but they also want to see what it looks like on a wall.

    In the past, many artists showed their artwork in a digital setting through the painstaking process of superimposing their work over an image of an interior. This can be done with a photograph of a client’s space, or, for purposes of market, with a stock photo. It’s a lot of work and takes some graphic design skills, however, it is the most widely used technique to increase online sales because it presents the artwork in context.

    Technology is now helping artists remove some of the cumbersome work from their task list. Although you will still need graphic design skills if your art is three dimensional or shaped irregularly, these apps can cut your computer time down significantly.

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    Updated List of Mock-Up Tools

    The following is a list of mock-up tools from the Art Business Resource Directory. Each listing links to more information about the features that each mock-up tool provides.

    Take Away

    Your website and social media channels can be improved three-fold with the use of one or more of these apps. Be sure to try the free trials and limited free versions before investing to make sure that the finished photos show your work in the proper size.