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Wall Picture

    Wall Picture

    Wall Picture


    Wall Picture (and Wall Picture Lite)

    WallPicture is a room design app for artists and photographers looking to show their work to potential customers. With just a few swipes you can show anyone what your art will look like on different walls.

    How Does It Work?
    1. Take a picture of your background or choose from the 30 default interiors
    2. Choose the wall art you want to design
    3. Set custom dimensions and position
    4. Set mat and frame (colors and dimensions)
    5. Share the design easily

    You can take a photo of your own interior or use one of the 30 default backgrounds included in the app. (Note that the FREE Wall Picture Lite version includes 3 walls.) The interior art design options are limitless not only due to the huge diversity of ready-to-use backgrounds on kitchens, halls, living rooms, bedrooms, and more but you can even add a custom mat, frame, and even shadows for a more realistic feel.


    • Use gallery of 30 default stylish interiors or capture/import a photography of your own room and use it as a background.
    • Walls Marketplace – use 70+ walls as in app purchase.
    • Create mat and frame around your art or picture. Add adjustable shadow.
    • Pick as many pictures on the wall as you want.
    • Select images from your albums in phone or tablet.
    • Set ratio or size for your photography. Rotate image.
    • Hide measurements label.
    • Export and share your final design with clients via Email, Message, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp.

    The app is currently listed for $17.99.