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Square Up

    Square Up


    Not to be confused with the other website builder (Square), this Square is the payment processor you’re already used to seeing when you check out at restaurants and some stores. Square provides a plethora of business solutions to its customers, including a free website through Weebly, which they bought in May of 2018.


    Free Plan Features Unlimited inventory and categories, shopping cart, email collection, and full integration with Facebook and Instagram Shopping. Square is a point of sale system, so you can also get their credit card processor to handle in-person sales if you also do art shows. You can also use their system to send and collect payments on invoices.

    Pros: Square is built with big business in mind. There are several features for managing your finances in addition to the free website. The website is a full shop, and you can list as many products as you wish.

    Cons: Because Square is a point of sale solution, it functions as a bank. You will need to apply for and get approved for an account before you can access the free website feature. Also, the free website is somewhat limited in design.

    Takeaway: Square is a great way to create a fully functional website and shop for free.