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    Pictorem Website




    Pictorem is a print-on-demand company specializing in art prints that is based in Canada. Although the company is focused on helping you make and sell prints, its free mock-up tool is worth an account.

    Pictorem prints your artwork on many substrates including paper, photo paper, metal, acrylic, and wall murals. Pictorem also has an online marketplace where collectors can find and purchase your work. Pictorem will even white label your prints which means they will do all the work of creating and shipping your art to your buyer, but make the labels look as though you shipped it yourself.

    Once your artwork is loaded, automatically generates several mockups for each of the substrates. The first thing to note about the mockups is that they do not generate automatically. Some substrate sets appear faster than others. In some cases, the acrylic mockups do not generate until several hours later. However, when they do– they are impressive. Not only do you receive a full frontal view of the artwork in various sizes, but you also receive detailed edge views. Very nice.

    Check out this A&P article for a full review of Pictorem’s art print service.