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    Known primarily as a newsletter service, Mail Chimp has grown up to be an e-marketing solution offering free websites.


    Free Plan Features Free website builder, free templates, performance metrics, collect subscribers and use Mail Chimp’s features to email them, promote through social posts, and ads through the Mail Chimp system. Most importantly, after you’ve created your website, you can add an online store to sell your products.

    Pros: A free website and store

    Cons: Mail Chimp is known for being difficult to use. It’s user interface can be confusing, even when you’ve been using their service for some time. There is little technical help on the Free Plan.

    Take Away: If you’re willing to spend the time to figure out all of the features, Mail Chimp may be a great overall solution to marketing your art online. It offers a website, social media, newsletter, and online advertising in one place.