Etsy is the online marketplace that artists love to hate and hate to love. Etsy originally supported artists and makers with a marketplace that offered only handmade items. But, Etsy went public and now has to answer to shareholders. Since then, their offerings have expanded and fees have gone up. Although it is still a website with many benefits, many artists and makers pine for the good ‘ole days of Etsy.

In addition to its marketplace, Etsy offers websites that repackage your Etsy listings into a private website with its own domain name. Once you have an account, you will also gain access to the Etsy community forums where you can network and glean valuable insights from fellow Etsians.


Opening an account on Etsy is free. Listings currently costs 20 cents each. When an item sells, you will pay a transaction fee of 5%. You will also pay a currency conversion fee and a credit card processing fee if applicable. In addition, you may be assessed additional fees if your item sells due to Etsy’s outside advertising (google advertisements.)