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    Available for iphones or Ipads, ArtSee is an app that just had a major overhaul. The app has been completely redesigned for a fresh new look and feel. The app has stock images to choose from, a gallery library, and the ability to add frames to your hangups. There is no free version and currently the app costs $9.99 in the Apple store.

    Best Feature: ArtSee plans to release an augmented reality capability soon.

    ARTSEE Features:

    • Add custom walls into the app. ARTSEE makes scaling and sizing a breeze.

    • Browse art from dozens of high-end galleries worldwide and save pieces to your own library.

    • Add art of your own liking into the app by snapping a picture or uploading it.

    • Choose from dozens of frames that you can easily add to your custom artwork previews.

    • Export your created previews in high quality, or share them directly with friends and family.

    • A beautiful new look and feel, fully optimized for the newest devices with vibrant colors and a smooth user experience.