Category: Wholesale

  • Tundra


    Tundra Tundra is a free online marketplace where you can sell wholesale. There is not a category specific for artists, however, you could add your storefrom to the home decor category. Setting up is easy, open a storefront and list your items. You can also import your listings if you have a shopify store. Receive […]

  • Pivot


    Pivot Pivot helps you place your art and products in the right Boutique stores. After you create your account, you create a profile, pick stores you’re interested in, and start selling. The platform offers customer acquisition, in-store experiences, data, inventory synching with Shopify, and matching with retail outlets according to prices and values. Collaborate with […]

  • Indie Me

    Indie Me

    Indie Me Indie Me claims to be the only 100% handmade, made in the USA or Canada wholesale platform. Artists must apply to join and affirm that the work is truly handmade (no kits or molds) and made in the USA or Canada. Once accepted, artists receive a website with which to offer products for […]

  • Handshake


    Handshake Handshake is the wholesale marketplace created by Shopify. Artists who have a Shopify store can join Handshake to seamlessly tie wholesale into their online shop. You must apply to use the platform. Once accepted, you set up your wholesale policies and select which products to include. Costs: Free

  • FG Market

    FG Market

    FG Market FG Market is a wholesale directory that retailers can use to find companies to purchase from. The directory is not limited to artists, however, there is an artisans section on the website. FG features vendors, does direct mail advertising, premium listings, and text advertisements. Vendors receive a showcase and an online storefront. FG […]

  • Faire


    Faire Faire is a juried wholesale marketplace where retailers can discover brands for their stores. Faire offers retailers generous terms such as free access to the site, net 60, curated products and free returns on opening orders. It’s free to sign up on Faire, and there are no setup fees. Faire handles the transaction and […]

  • Bulletin


    Bulletin Not limited to artists, Bulletin is a curated marketplace for retailers to find and purchase goods from brands at wholesale. Bulletin makes wholesale easy. Brands, including artists, must apply to join. Once accepted, you can access Bulletin’s network of vetted retailers. Bulletin handles product onboarding, shipment tracking, and customer service. Bulletin floats the financing […]

  • Art Specifier

    Art Specifier

    Art Specifier Art Specifier is a curated community of art professionals. Art Specifier’s mission is to connect artists with architects, interior designers, art consultants, and creative businesses. Artists are contacted directly to buy existing work or develop commission or collaborative projects. Artists must apply to a jury to join. Once accepted, artists may create a […]

  • Abound


    Abound Abound is an curated marketplace where retailers can discover and purchase items from indie businesses and artists at wholesale. Abounds mission is to make buying and selling at wholesale directly to the trade easy. Artists must apply to join. Once accepted, Abound helps you get your art products in front of thousands of retailers […]