How to Price Your Art, A Nine-Part Series

Your art is unique. Shouldn’t your pricing be? Much of the problem with pricing advice is that it’s one-size-fits all. This series breaks down four different pricing profiles and offers unique advice customized to each. It is jam-packed with useful tips and information, including considerations one wholesale vs. retail pricing, the difference between venues and markets and keeping your prices consistent.

Video One

So let’s jump right in! The first video explains more about the series, and the most effective way to use it.

Video Two

The second video explains the four pricing profiles. No matter where you are in your art making abilities, determine where you are in your art business journey. These four profiles lead the way.

Video Three

Video three teaches you how to determine your minimum viable price — the absolute minimum you need to sell your art without loosing money.

Video Four

Video four covers a more advanced technique to price your art: comparing your work to the market. Bonus! This method is also a good way to find new markets and venues that are suitable for your work.

Video Five

Video Five takes on the difficult challenge of cash flow for artists who are (or would like to be) full time professionals.

Video Six

Video six explains the difference between wholesale and retail pricing. Think you don’t have a wholesale price? Think again.

Video Seven

This video jumps right into a common pitfall, inconsistent retail prices, and shares case studies as to real-world examples of how this can play out in your art career.

Video Eight

Managing two different markets is another pricing pitfall. This video explains the difference between markets and venues and offers a work around to help bridge the gap when you are moving from on market to another.

Video Nine

Our last video in the pricing series offers a few things to think about when pricing your artwork. Remember, this is YOUR artwork. You decide how to make it, and you decide how to price it. This video explains why confident pricing is not the same as comfortable pricing!

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