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NOTE: Did you recently purchase the 2020 Artist’s Productivity Planner on Amazon? This download includes instructions to get the most out of the time-blocking and time coding features!

You know that familiar feeling:

“Where did the time go?”

If you’re like most artists, your studio time happens during the in-between times:

  • In between appointments

  • In between work weeks
  • In between the kid’s activities
  • In between family obligations

Once you’re in the studio, it can be hard to stay on track. You can stall out and find yourself trying out new supplies instead of getting ready for the show you entered. It’s great to be in the zone, until you look at the clock and realize:

Time’s Up & Nothing’s Done!

There’s a Better Way.

The Artist’s Weekly Studio Plan will help:

  • Balance your studio tasks
  • Prioritize to make the most of your studio time
  • Find more time to create
  • Plan your week like a Professional Artist.

There are two easy ways to get the Free Planner Download:

#1. All free downloads are published on the download page. The access code is easy to get . . . just enter your best email and the code will be sent to you asap.

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#2. Don’t want to subscribe? No problem. All of the PDF forms are uploaded into the free Art & Prosper Facebook Group. Just click the link and confirm you are a fellow artist. Once approved, head into the group and look for the “Recent Group Files” on the right column, or the link “Files” on the left column. Group members regularly post questions, requests for recommendations and topics of interest to practicing artists. Hope to see you there!

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