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Where to Get Your Artist Newsletter Started for Free

    Free Newsletters for Artists

    Gone are the days of sending newsletters from your free Gmail account. If you want to be compliant with spam laws, you really need a service that allows your newsletter subscribers to opt-in . . . and opt-out . . . in just a few clicks.

    Why do you need an artist newsletter?

    Newsletters are vital to self-representing artists. They are truly the only online relationship that you own. Social Media algorithms may change, but newsletter lists provide you with a direct way to stay in touch. According to Forrester, people are twice as likely to sign up for your email list as they are to interact with you on Facebook.

    Newsletter Provider Options

    There are many newsletter options available. Some newsletter carriers cost hundreds of dollars a month but offer a suite of services such as complete design customization, full analytics, sales funnels, and more. But, as an artist just getting a newsletter started, you likely don’t need (or want to learn) all of that.

    Instead, consider a free account with one of the following newsletter services. Most offer easy-to-use templates, and enough analytics to know whether your email is being read (and by whom!) If you decide you need and want more features, upgrade when you’re ready.

    6 Newsletter Services that Provide Free Accounts:

    MailChimp: MailChimp’s free account provides for up to 2,000 subscribers and 10k emails a month. Get free analytics, templates, list management, auto responders, and mobile features. Upgrade when your list grows. (FYI – the Art & Prosper newsletter is delivered to you via MailChimp’s FREE service.)

    Mailerlite: Mailerlite provides a free account with 1,000 subscribers and 12k emails per month. Forms, auto responders, and basic templates are included.

    Sender: Offers Newsletter services for up to 2,000 subscribers and 15k emails per month. Includes auto responders, push notifications, and forms.

    Benchmark: The free account covers you for 2,000 subscribers, and 14k emails per month and offers webforms, list management, and basic A/B testing.

    OmniSend: The free plan is commerce-focused, offering A/B testing and website tracking. You can send 15k emails a month and 2k emails a day before upgrading to a paid plan.

    SendPulse: Offering 500 subscribers and 15k emails per month. The free plan includes web push notifications, transactional emails, and basic auto responders.

    What Should You Put in Your Newsletter?

    If writing a newsletter seems overly complicated, don’t worry. You really only need five elements (but, you can add more if you want). Also, you can make a schedule that works for you. If monthly suits you, great. Quarterly works too!

    Take Away

    If you happen to know of additional free newsletter providers, please make sure to leave a comment below!