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Featured Artist Terri Lloyd

    Artist Terri Lloyd

    Terri Lloyd might be our favorite kind of artist – soulful, introspective, and brutally authentic. Looking through her archives is a walk down memory lane – both hers and our own. Terri’s work is a master’s class in ambiguous story-telling. Her work In the Court of the Easter Queen conveys just enough of her own life journey that the viewer can’t help but recognize their own.

    Terri Shares with us:

    The Court Of The Easter Queen, is a retelling of my functionally dysfunctional childhood. Exploiting old family photos which are quirky and often lack photo composition pushes me to take risks of my own, often peeling away what or who isn’t necessary.

    My return to painting in early 2018 began with a process of unlearning. This process began with the use of my other hand. It allowed me to suspend the inner critic, & to paint without the constraints of artistic excellence.

    In the Court of the Easter Queen by Terri Lloyd
    In the Court of the Easter Queen by Terri Lloyd

    Joseph Campbell’s Power of Myth sparked interest in creation stories and archetypes. What would my Hero’s Journey* look like? Is what I remember what really happened, or what I perceived to have happened? How will the story end? Will it be heroic or with a whimper? I mine a collection of family photos that encompass my 60 years of life. It’s not enough to represent a moment in the literal sense.

    It is more important to transfer the feeling of a memory onto the viewer. Telling these stories, I come to terms with my journey. This is not healing or therapy. The scars are permanent, the arthritis crippling. Maturity is the lens to visit ancestors, lost loves, friends & youth without the burden of actually reliving events. I grieve, breath & remember who I am.”

    Pop Tarts & Beer by Terri Lloyd
    Pop Tarts & Beer by Terri Lloyd

    Pop tarts and beer is a punky day in the sun bookended by the death of Terri’s mother and the death of her first husband. Similar to the Easter Queen series, she abstracts from photos revering both joy and loss.

    Explore the many facets of the talented Terri Lloyd:

    Final Thoughts

    Terri Lloyd is an artist’s artist. In other words, she’s the kind of artist that other artists turn to for art. Terri explores the very meaning of life, and then quickly follows up with an outrageous belly laugh. Point in case, the Pink Buddha Anchovy Dance: