• Art Commission

    How to Handle an Art Commission with Confidence in 7 Steps

    Maybe you have a website, or maybe you’re showing your work through your preferred social media channel. Whatever the case, eventually it happens: you receive a message from somebody asking if you will create custom work. Congratulations! You have officially received your first private commission inquiry. If this is your first commission inquiry, you might be wondering about the best way to proceed. Unlike public commissions that have specific requirements for RFQ’s and RFP’s, here are no set directions for private commissions. Artists are basically left to figure out what works best for them through trial and error. The following are seven steps outlining the typical private commission process. Most…

  • Commissions

    A Detailed Guide on How to Assess a Request for Custom Art

    Sooner or later, every artist who sells artwork will be asked this question: “Do you take commissions?” Some artists know the answer before the question is even finished. Absolutely not. They don’t want their art to be influenced by outside forces much less deal with difficult clients, and that’s OK. but for many artists, taking commissions is a great area. On the one hand, small alterations to work you would undertaken anyway is a good business opportunity. For instance, if you’ve painted a scene that you love and an interior designer asks if you could create something similar, but larger, the commission opportunity could be a great fit and a…