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    Are You a “Real Artist?”

    “You could sell that,” is a phrase that many artists have heard time and again. It’s well meaning enough; it’s usually intended as a compliment.  Our culture is so tied to money, it’s hidden in our language. Whether you’ve been asked if you’re a “real artist,” or heard it in reference to another artist, you automatically know what it means. There is cultural inference that “real art” is earns money. Living in a capitalist society means we value a free market. We put more value on things that can be sold for a monetary gain. And, the more we can sell if for, the more we value it. We forget…

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    Certificate of Authenticity for Artists and Free Template

    Should you provide a certificate of authenticity when you sell your artwork? Short answer: yes. The Certificate of Authenticity (COA) plays a larger role then just proving the artwork is authentic. The COA documents important facts about the artwork for future owners; helps the artist keep track of finished artwork; and assists representatives in selling your artwork. Documenting important facts for future owners When a piece of artwork is sold, presumably the person who purchased it knows all about the artwork. Likely, they researched the artist, and they may know about the process and materials involved in creating the work. But, what happens if the original purchaser sells the artwork,…