• Frustrated on Etsy
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    Does Etsy’s “Risk-Free” Advertising Affect You?

    Without much in the way of notice, Etsy is rolling out a new policy: “Risk-Free Advertising.” And, if you’re a longtime Etsy seller, you may be feeling triggered – this isn’t the first time Etsy has dropped the axe on its sellers. But for many, it may be the last. The Good News According to Etsy: “Offsite Ads uses Etsy’s budget and expertise to promote your items on Google, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Bing. When a shopper clicks on one of those online ads for your products and purchases from your shop within 30 days, you’ll pay an advertising fee. You only pay an advertising fee when you make a…

  • Artist Tax Time
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    15 Overlooked Art Expense Tax Deductions for Artists

    As tax time draws near, art business owners are prepping up. Shoeboxes and calculators in hand, artists are looking for forgotten expense receipts with the fervor of a child on an Easter egg hunt.  Before you meet with your tax preparer, you must prepare a full and accurate accounting of your annual art income and expenses.  While most business owners create accounting records throughout the year, inevitably, a few entries slip through the cracks.  Help your tax preparer maximize your write offs (and reduce your taxes). For every $100 in deductions you find, you save $22 in income tax AND around $15 in self-employment tax. You can buy a lot…