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Mira Woodworth is an award-winning artist whose work has been featured in national invitational shows. Her works span from large installations in public spaces to small collectible works. Her innovative designs have been published in Art Jewelry Magazine, “Sculpture and Design With Recycled Glass” by Cindy Coldiron and “Cast” by Jen Townsend and Rene Zettle-Sterling. Mira’s installations can be found in public spaces such as the Milford Regional Medical Center, the Pechanga Casino and Resort, The Ritz Carlton, and the China World Trade Center.

Write Your Artist Bio

How to Write the Perfect Artist Bio Page

    Your Artist Biography Page is an important aspect of your website since it tells potential clients who you are. Visitors to your Art Bio page are people who are looking for a broad overview of what you do before they make the decision to buy your art.

    Website Design Hacks for Artists

    Increase Art Sales with More Engagement (9 Web Design Hacks)

      In order to sell your art online, you must develop a relationship with your website visitors. The longer they remain on your website, the more personal your relationship with them becomes, and the more likely it is that they will finally make a purchase. This can be accomplished through simple website design hacks.

      Should you art blog?

      Should You Write a Blog About Your Art?

        An art blog is the website framework you need to connect with your audience. An art blog consists of short articles featuring the behind-the-scenes look into you and your artwork. You should add an art blog to your website because it helps you connect with your audience, as well as increase your online traffic from search engines.