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Hi, my name is Mira Woodworth. I founded Art & Prosper in the summer of 2019 to celebrate my five-year anniversary of quitting my job as a litigation paralegal and replacing that income as a full-time artist. I am now “living the dream” one sale at a time and believe that if I can do it, anyone can.

I am a one-woman shop. I design, make, market, sell and ship all of my creations right out of my own messy studio in California.

My Goal

If you are already on this path, you know that the rewards are high, but the learning curve is steep. My goal with Art & Prosper is to be a guide for other artists on that same steep terrain in order to help them to their desired destination with a little more ease.

Certified Business Coach

I am an art business geek. I love business topics so much, that I study them for pleasure. In the Fall of 2021, I completed an in-depth course in Business Coaching so that I can bring you the most relevant information possible. I’m excited to help you on your journey with professional business coaching strategies.

Business Coach Badge

The Problem with Art Business Advice

Here’s my thing about art business advice: It’s almost always given by a business person with a connection to art – but rarely an artist making and selling their own work. There’s A LOT of great advice out there – but some of it is just unrealistic … at least if you’re doing ALL THE THINGS by yourself.

A Holistic Approach

I take a holistic approach to art business: your survival as an artist comes first. There is no point in overwhelming your studio practice with marketing demands if it kills your drive to create.

I will never suggest that there is a magic formula. I will never tell you to do busy work. Instead, I show you many options and make a few recommendations. Together, we will find clarity so that when you do take action, that action moves you upward on your journey.

I’m Glad You’re Here!