Can You Draw a Celebrity and Sell It?

Can You Sell Celebrity Art

If you love to paint portraits, and love celebrities, you may have considered combining the two. It seems like an obvious subject, right? People are obsessed with sports figures and movie stars. Celebrity portraits sell easily among fans. But is […]

Can Anyone Be an Artist?

Can Anyone Be an Artist

“Wow, you’re really good at drawing . . . you could be an artist.” You’ve heard it before. And the most common response: “Oh NO, I just do this for fun. I’m not a real artist.” Why is it that […]

Is It Harder to Sell Art Online?

Is It Harder to Sell Art Online

Artist have been conditioned to believe that the correct way of selling art is through in-person events such as gallery shows, or art fairs. Selling art online has been slower to follow online shopping trends because of the nature of […]

Last Day to Ship for the 2020 Holiday Season

Holiday Shipping Deadlines for Artists

Artists are updating their websites and online outlets with their holiday shipping policies RIGHT NOW. It’s important to keep in mind that this year, shipping carriers are expecting delays. Update your Shipping Policies NOW That’s why it’s more important than […]