• Frustrated on Etsy
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    Does Etsy’s “Risk-Free” Advertising Affect You?

    Without much in the way of notice, Etsy is rolling out a new policy: “Risk-Free Advertising.” And, if you’re a longtime Etsy seller, you may be feeling triggered – this isn’t the first time Etsy has dropped the axe on its sellers. But for many, it may be the last. The Good News According to Etsy: “Offsite Ads uses Etsy’s budget and expertise to promote your items on Google, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Bing. When a shopper clicks on one of those online ads for your products and purchases from your shop within 30 days, you’ll pay an advertising fee. You only pay an advertising fee when you make a…

  • Free Newsletters for Artists
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    Where to Get Your Artist Newsletter Started for Free

    Gone are the days of sending newsletter from your free gmail account. If you want to be compliance with spam laws, you really need a service that allows your newsletter subscribers to opt in . . . and opt out . . . in just a few clicks. Why do you need an artist newsletter? Newsletters are vital to self-representing artists. They are truly the only online relationship that you own. Social Media algorithms may change, but newsletter lists provide you with a direct way to stay in touch. According to Forrester, people are twice as likely to sign up for your email list as they are to interact with you…